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Digital Advan Screen Hire

MAW Media have a great deal of experience and a wide range of Digital Advertising/messaging solutions. Our digital advertising vehicles are able to operate on the move or at a static location, and offer you total control over your marketing activity and a creative solution for advertising billboards. Digivans provide you the flexibility to engage with your audience at your choosing, be it on the commute to and from work or in areas that allow for the opportunity of public interaction, advans deliver real value to your outdoor advertising campaign.

Mobile LED billboards

Our digivan can be the backbone of your marketing campaign, by taking advantage of a large digital LED display screen. By no longer being tied to certain locations or times of day, you can target your audience in a new captivating way that will be remembered. Mobile LED billboards add real wow-factor to your campaign.


We can ensure that your message reaches your customers by tailoring your campaign to your exact requirements. We take into consideration such details as location, time of day or news and weather events as and when they happen. This dynamic form of outdoor advertising promotion will give you more control and flexibility over your campaign and make it more relevant to your target markets, by being able to stand out from the crowd. Digital Van Advertising is a lightning fast solution for reaching a specific audience with your message.

When and Where you choose

Our digital van go wherever you need them. With large digital screen, our van can display advertising messages on the move or can operate from static locations on busy commuter routes.


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With prices starting from as little as £12 a day, billboard advertising is a budget-friendly option for many small and independent businesses. Get in touch today to find out how we can work with you to build your brand out-of-home

Mobile Advertising Trailers

For Sale

MAW Media Backlit Ad Trailer

Backlit Ad Trailer

504 x 238

MAW Media Type "C" Ad Trailer

Type “C” Ad Trailer

504 x 238

MAW Media Banner Ad Trailer

Banner Ad Trailer

504 x 238

Mega Advertising

For Sale

MAW Media Mega Ad 4x8m


8 x 4 meter

MAW Media Mega Ad 4x12m


12 x 4 meter

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